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Gholamreza Sepasianzadeh, who had studied mathematics and physics in high school in July 1957, chose to pursue a university degree in business-oriented management and chose to pursue a master's degree in economic development and planning. He began his serious business career in 1986, but his concern with human resources and education led him to study authorship, combining his skills, knowledge, and expertise to execute influential activities to achieve his objectives and aspirations. Besides his rich track record of economic, commercial and human resource management, he has already penned several books with a business approach to the humanities and education.


7 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Be More Productive Sometimes, working less can actually produce better results. Consider a small business owner who works nonstop. Working hard won’t help him compete with his corporate competitors. That’s because time is a limited commodity. An entrepreneur could work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but his or her competitor can always spend more money, assemble a team and spend a lot more collective man hours on the same project. Then why have small startups accomplished things that some larger corporations couldn’t? Facebook bought Instagram, a company with 13 employees at the time, for one billion dollars. Snapchat, a startup with 30 employees, was turning down offers from Facebook and Google. Part of each of their successes was based on luck, and some on efficiency. The key to success is not working hard. It’s working smart.

How To Overcome Daydreaming

How To Overcome Daydreaming Why You Shouldn’t Daydream A Waste of Time Could lead to unhappiness Detached from reality How to overcome daydreaming

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