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About GholamReza Srpasian

• From 1986 to 1991, Business Manager of East Railway Foundation
• Since 1991, he has been the economic advisor of Aswa Sazan Fidar Company
• From 1992 to 1995, Economic Consultant and Human Resources Development Company of Taban Tejarat Kayhan Company
• Since 1994, for 6 months, he has been a lecturer in the training courses of Tavana International Trade and Development Group
• Since 1995, he has been teaching courses at Nazgol Alborz Company for 6 months
• Since 1995, he has been the economic and commercial consultant of Rahian Kalai Rayka Company for one year
• Since 1993, he has been the treasurer and a member of the board of directors of Imamin Javadin Charity
• Member of the Writers' Association of Iran
• Author of fifteen books on public relations, business, human resource development and social infrastructure development, including:
1) Communication and information technology and its impact on education and cultural development
2) Education from the perspective of global development
3) Business management and its sub-branches
4) Culture and Development Engineering
5) Today's technologies and its harms in society (family and individual-social relationships)

Professional skills and expertise
• Holding a degree from a scientific and applied university for basic and advanced editing. 1) In the book section, publications, writing skills in public relations. 2) Correction in the field of research affairs - principles of writing administrative and legal contracts. 3) Correction of old texts - Confrontation of old texts - Reading

• Holder of 5 certificates for specialized meetings of the Public Relations Association of Iran and the Technical and Vocational Education Organization of the country